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Regional trains from Stockholm: Hallsberg

Today I'm starting a series of trips with regional trains from Stockholm, totally 3 trips. First is the Stockholm-Hallsberg. The trip is continuing back to Stockholm via a circle route through Kumla, Frövi, Fagersta and Västerås.

Above is a graph representing train routes from Stockholm a typical hour (source: Trafikverket). The typical schedule for each hour is represented with high speed trains leaving first followed by slower regional trains. Below is the schedule for departure with train number, destination and carrier:
8:10 425: Stockholm-Göteborg SJ X2
8:14 625: Stockholm-Oslo SJ X2
8:21 21525: Stockholm-Köpenhamn, SJ X2
8:26 2061: Stockholm-Göteborg, MTRX
8:29 125: Stockholm-Hallsberg, SJ Reg
8:44 263: Gävle-Linköping, SJ Reg
8:51 919: Stockholm-Arboga, SJ Reg
8:56 7097: Stockholm-Göteborg, SKJB Gröna tåget
9:14 427: Stockholm-Göteborg SJ X2
9:21 10527: Stockholm-Malmö, SJ X2
9:26: 2063: Stockholm-Göteborg, MTRX
9:40: 227: Stockholm-Norrköping, SJ Reg
Three routes I will take are represented on the map above. Blue is the first trip, green is the second, and red the third.

My first train will be service to Hallsberg departing 8:29 from Sthlm, train number 125, also known as "Sörmlandspilen".
 I'm leaving home early with sunrise.

 First, a local train X60 from Årstaberg to Stockholm Central.
 At Central station there is an exhibition of the new "Citytunnel" project.
 The new underground Stockholm C will open in July this year.

 So, here it is - train 125.
 It is a classic locomotive hauled coach train. Typically with 3 coaches, no 1st class.
 This winter has been without much snow so far.
 Passing by Årstaviken

 First stop - Flemingsberg.
 Entering one of the tunnels of the high speed railway "Grödingebanan".
 Bridge in Södertälje

 Södertälje Syd is the second stop

 Gnesta is the third stop

 Flen - stop nr 4.

 Container terminal in Katrineholm
 Hectorrail Class 241.001 "Kenobi" or Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2. Locomotive that can be used in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany.

 Katrineholm - Stop nr 5
 In Katrineholm, Västra stambanan (Western Main Line) is meeting Södra (Southern Main Line)
 Södra stambanan towards Malmö
 Lake Viren

 Vingåker - Stop nr6
 Lake Sottern
 Final stop Hallsberg
 The train has 3 coaches, one is BF7 with 46 seats.
 The other two are B7 coaches with 78 seats each.

BF7 has less seats due to freight and service compartments
Locomotive is being disconnected for change of direction

 Hallsberg rail yard
 My next train will be an X51, this time with a livery promoting town of "Lindesberg".
 "Inspiring cultural life"
 "Adventure is waiting"

TMY diesel locomotive from Railcare, a railway maintenance company. TMY is originally made for Denmark, this locomotive is from 1965.

Hectorrail 242.531 "La Motta" from 2000, aka Siemens Taurus.
The locomotive is used for passenger service Blå and Gröna tåget (blue and green train).

Rc6 locomotive is changing direction for Regional service back to Stockholm
"Gröna tåget" is a cheaper option than "Blå tåget", with 2nd class coaches only but same service Stockholm-Göteborg.

The train is using old Norwegian coaches B36 and Swedish BS5. This train has totally 5 coaches.

While Regional and Gröna tåget makes a stop here in Hallsberg, high speed service operated with X2 don't, here it is passing at full speed.

My next train is also a regional service branded as "Tåg i Bergslagen" and operated by SJ.
My train will be an X51. This version has top speed 180km/h together with X53, while 3 other versions X50, X52 and X54 has top speed of 200km/h.
Looks like a door

Strange how a Swiss ICN train ended up on an advertisement here.
First it's a short trip to next stop - Kumla.

The railway here is an important freight link from Mjölby to Storvik named "Godstråket genom Bergslagen".
I did not had to wait long until a freight train was passing.
It is Green Cargo train 75180 from Hallsberg to Borlänge
Rd2 and Rc4 locomotives

Train station building from 1900 built by Folke Zettervall.

Time for my next train
This time it's an X54
My previous TiB service was from Hallsberg to Borlänge (train nr 18190) while this one is from Mjölby to Gävle (train nr 18170).

Just as X51 this one (X54) has a snacks and coffee service.

In Örebro C it makes a 22min long stop

Örebro Central

Green Cargo train 14913 from Vännäs to Nässjö.

Since the takeover by SJ in December 2016, it is not possible anymore to book seats on this train.

Paper industry BillerudKorsnäs in Frövi.
I get off in Frövi

Train is taking off to the left for Lindesberg, Bergslagsbanan railway.
Interesting facts from the historical information: "In 1953 there were 74 people working at this railway station, average amount of trains per day was 66 for SJ and 40 for TGOJ". During the 1990's the new railway from Örebro to Stockholm was built, bypassing Frövi, since then there are no trains to Stockholm from here.
Frövi hotel just outside the station

Train 9139 (Borlänge-Oxelösund) is seen here. Later on in Kungsör somebody captured it.
Railway to the left is for Alvesta, to the right is for Arboga
Local supermarket was set on fire here in September 2016

Green Cargo train 5081 from Boden to Hallsberg is arriving here

Rc4 and T44

The station is from 1874

Next train is TiB 8114 from Örebro to Gävle via Fagersta, Alvesta.

Passing over railway from Grängesberg to Oxelösund

Both station buildings in Sällinge and Spannarboda are of so called Karbenningmodel, they are identical and created by Folke Zettervall.
Between Frövi and Skinnskatteberg there are no stop for about 50km.

Skinnskatteberg church

There are more snow here further north

Lake Kratten
In Fagersta I change trains again

Seems that Christmas celebration is not over yet

Fagersta Custom Tattoo is located at the station now.

Next is the X51 train to Västerås.
Passing by Stora Aspen, Lilla Aspen and Åmänningen lakes, not sure which one this is.

Gone fishing



Ramnäs old station

The old railway for Tillberga and Stockholm was taking off here. Would be much shorter way to Stockholm, but without passing Västerås.
Railway to Kolbäck
Dingtuna church
Mälaren lake near Västerås
Final stop Västerås
X12 train for UVEN line Sala-Linköping.

My last train to Stockholm

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