Friday, January 6, 2017

Cologne to Stockholm

Today is the 2nd today of my journey back from Barcelona to Stockholm. During the 1st day it was TGV and Thalys high speed trains. For the 2nd day, it will be slower trains: Intercity from Köln to Hamburg, Eurocity from Hamburg to Copenhagen, Öresundståg to Malmö, and a night train to Stockholm.

 ICE Velaro D (DB Class 407)
 Intercity train's 1st class Apmz open saloon coach
It is IC 2220 from Frankfurt (Main) to Lubeck. The train has also another 1st class coach with compartments, but it is non functioning due to cold weather.
Here passing near Hagen.

This is where I'm changing trains

The next train is a Danish IC3

DB Class 474 for S-Bahn Hamburg
Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg
The train is displayed as ICE, but it is not
Regional Express from Hamburg to Lubeck, we are arriving to Lubeck now
St. Lorenz-Kirche

Electrified railway continues to Travemunde, we are taking off to non-electrified way to Puttgarden, the so called Vogelfluglinie (Bird Flight Line)

Passing near Hansa-Park

Alstom Lint
Neustädter Binnenwasser

On top of the Fehmarnsundbrücke bridge

St.-Nikolai-Kirche in Burg auf Fehmarn, the largest town on the Fehmarn island.
The railway to Burg

Arriving to Puttgarden
Drivers cabin of IC3
Time to drive into the ferry
40min ferry trip over Fehmarn strait, there are many ships passing here.
Leaving Germany behind

Sunset photographers


One of passengers was late back to the train at the ferry, so he had to run to the station.

After a quick change at Copenhagen, I'm now taking Öresundståg to Malmö. At Kastrup, due to ID control, there is a requirement to change trains and platforms (from 31th of January only trains).
Öresundståg can be viewed both from out and inside
Looks like a bird crashed into the train
Hyllie station is Malmö. There is a fence for arriving Öresundståg passengers from Denmark, another ID control is made here by Swedish police.
Daily commuter passengers have been suffering a lot during the time since the introduction of the ID control, the fence here has become a protest wall.

Wish list for "Santa Claus"
The fence is however very easy to trespass
Malmö Central (underground platform)
At the upper level platform my next train is waiting, it is a night train to Stockholm
The night train Malmö-Stockholm has been very close to become suspended (like many night trains in Europe today), but after protests from in particular business travellers it remains in service. The service makes it possible to arrive either to Stockholm or Malmö early in the morning just in time for the first meeting.
The train has number 2, the train with number 1 is same service but from Stockholm to Malmö
Train consists of WL4 (sleep cabin coach).
BC2DE - couchette coach
And BFS9C with possibility to seat, which is the cheapest way.

WL4 coach is the 1st class version, a cabin with two beds and a bathroom.
The bathroom is small

Early in the morning, 5:54 the train arrives to Stockholm. It is possible to stay in the train until 7:00

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  1. I'm a big fan of you! this year on November. I'll start journey at Oslo thru past many countries in Europe to Turkey by train!
    I might take the same route as you here, Thanks. keep posts!