Saturday, December 10, 2016

Smedjebacken, Lindesberg

Today is 10th of December 2016 which is the last day before major timetable change. This is also the last day that Norwegian owned Tågkompaniet is operating Tåg i Bergslagen lines, so I'm taking an opportunity to take the direct line Stockholm-Ludvika last time before it's taken over by SJ. 
 One of the reason why SJ won next period of operations was to their ability to fill the trains with more passengers, we'll see about that. One of the changes will be that travelling to Ludvika will have to be with a change in Västerås. Here is anyway the last time X51 TiB train is seen at Stockholm C.
 The train is not filled with people, which is of course good for me as a tourist.
 Passing by bridge over Mälaren nearby Kungsängen.
 Maximum speed for this train is 180km/h, which is easily reached on the Mälarbanan railway until Kolbäck. From Kolbäck and until Ludvika the speed is much lower.
 This is where passengers will have to switch trains from 11th of December.
 Tåg i Bergslagen has today 23 Regina trains and 5 X14 trains, the latter ones overtaken from Östgötatrafiken in 2015. Now they are painted in TiB livery. This one is parked in Västerås.

 Dingtuna church

 Mälarbanan (to the left) continuing to Kolbäck and Örebro. This triangular junction was built 1993, before that trains had to change direction in Kolbäck.
 Attaching here to railway from Kolbäck.
 The line is named Bergslagspendeln and it started 1991. Between 1965 and 1991 no trains were operating on the part Hallstahammar-Ramnäs, they took another route via Tillberga.
 First stop since taking off from Mälarbanan - Hallstahammar.

 Almost identical is the next stop - Surahammar.

 Åmänningen lake
 Roundhouse in Ängelsberg
 Meeting another TiB train in Ängelsberg. Frequency of trains on a Saturday is every other hour.

 Winter sport
 Fagersta Central (until 1947 named as Västanfors)

 After passing stations Vad and Söderbärke, I'm getting off at Smedjebacken. Today is a real winter day, and it is some degrees colder than in Stockholm.

 After train and passengers leaving, it is very quite and empty here. Next train is in 2 hours.

 Kolbäcksån river and a pedestrian bridge

 Hong Kong restaurant

 The harbour of Norra Barken lake

 The station has a waiting hall that is a memory from the past.
 I agree

 I was not patient enough to wait 2h for the next train, so I took a bus to Ludvika.
In Ludvika I'm changing to another TiB train for Lindesberg. I will now travel on Bergslagsbanan railway.
Another X14 train, parked in Ludvika this time. If I understand correct these older trains are only used during the rush hours on weekdays.
 Another almost empty train.
 Bergslagsbanan is here in parallel with Bergslagsdiagonalen road (numbered as road 50).
 Arriving to Grängesberg
 Spendrups brewery in Grängesberg

 Not sure exactly what is financed by the EU here.

 SSAB Merox

 Meeting another X51 in Kopparberg.

 I'm getting off in Lindesberg

 Street art in Lindesberg

 Lindesberg station
 The town is prepared for Christmas and New Year.

 Candles along the lake walk

Last photo is from Örebro while waiting for my train to Stockholm. 

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