Sunday, December 4, 2016


This post will be very short. The daylight becomes shorter, and the weather is rarely good, but there is still much to see, and even here I will catch some trains.
 Swimming season is over

 There has been very little precipitation this year, which has resulted in historically low water levels in lakes in Närke.
 I'm visiting Värmlandsbanan railway, not so far from Degerfors.
 Älgsjön banvaktstuga. Banvaktstuga is a sort of cottage for the trackman or platelayer - a railway employee whose job is to inspect and maintain the railway.
 This "banvaktstuga" is from 1866, rebuilt in 1926.
 No trains are obviously stopping here, however the bus does.
 Time for a passing train
 This one does it with 200km/h
 X2 from Oslo to Stockholm

 Degerfors station
Tågab train to Stockholm

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