Friday, August 26, 2016

Trip to Denmark

It is late August, and it has become a tradition to go south last weekend of summer. Last year I went to Skåne, this year I will cross the strait to northern part of Denmark, Zeeland. I will take exactly same train to Malmö as last year, 17:06 departure from Stockholm, which is the fastest service with non-stop until Alvesta from Stockholm. Let's see if the train is on time this year.
 First some train spotting at Stockholm Central station. MTR Express to Göteborg is here. The display shows "Fredag Fredag" which is the most popular day every week in Sweden, or maybe everywhere.
 X55 to Jönköping. SJ "Snabbtåg" services is normally operating frequent services to Göteborg, Malmö, Oslo, Sundsvall from Stockholm, but there are less frequent services to Jönköping, Falun, Uddevalla, Östersund, Umeå and Strömstad (in the summer).
 X10 "Pendeltåg" from 1983 and X74 MTR Express from 2014.
 This bird does not need a train to travel.
 One of most busy times at Stockholm C is around 17:00 on a weekday. Trains are leaving almost every minute.
 MTR Express with advertisement for tickets prices from 185SEK, which I guess is a very important statement compared to SJ tickets on same route which starts from 195SEK.

 X40 to Arboga
 A bit unusual train composition with 2 Rc6 locomotives and one BC2DE couchette coach.
 This BC2DE is from 1948 and it has letters "DE" for operations in Germany, for previous SJ service Malmö-Berlin (today operated by Snälltåget).
 X55 to Jönköping is today a double train.

 SJ Regional to Hallsberg

 X40 to Eskilstuna and Arboga

 Finally my train is arriving
 As last year, I travel in 1st class. Last year however, due to change of train set, my coach was a 2nd class one. This year it's correct.
 First stop is Alvesta, it is already getting dark and its incredibly hot outside for late August.

 "Thank you for keeping clean"
 Öresundståg is already here, I'm getting closer to Denmark
 I decide to change trains in Lund instead of Malmö. Here it is same platform, in Malmö it is more complicated.
 My next train is approaching

 Unfortunately, due to failure on the railway, the train ended in Kastrup airport, several trains were stuck here for some time. I decided to continue my journey by Metro.
Kastrup airport while changing from train to metro.

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