Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nora Bergslags Järnväg (Pershyttan - Järle)

Previous day I was riding on a trolley, today I will take a museum railcar on Nora Bergslags Järnväg. Each summer NBJV association is offering daily trips with the old Y7 railcar from 1958.
 Y6/Y7/Y8 was a very common railcar in Sweden until 1980's. Today some of the railcars are in possession of several museum railway associations in Sweden.
 Nora station
 After a short ride we are in Perstorp. Here is a map.
 Kalas expressen restaurant in Pershyttan

 Inside Y7 railcar
 Railway switch
 Have to switched manually
 The railcar is now heading back to Nora

 The railway towards Ervalla

 Main ticket hall at Nora station
 Lake outside the station
 Driver's cab
 Maximum speed for Y7 is 115km/h
 The railcar was manufactured by Eksjöverken
 After a short stop in Nora, the journey continues to Järle. Here passing on bridge over Järleån river.
 Järle station is considered to be the oldest railway station in Sweden, from 1854.

 Ticket counter to the right
 Heading back now to Nora, passing by several station. Lilla Mon
 Stora Mon
 Arriving shortly back to Nora. The last ordinary passenger train was in service in 1966, but there are plans for the future commuter line from Örebro to Nora, we'll see how it goes.
 As a bonus, I'll watch some trains in nearby Svartå.
 X54 from Tågkompaniet on service Örebro-Karlstad.
 Tåg i Bergslagen - which is the brand name for this train is currently operated by Tågkompaniet (subsidary of Norwegian NSB), but will be taken over by SJ in December 2016, as they won the tender for operations for next 10 years.
 In Svartå there is a meeting of two Regina trains.
 X52 from Värmlandstrafik and X54 from Tåg i Berglagen.
 Värmlandstrafik is also operated by Tågkompaniet.
 Tåg i Bergslagen operates the line Örebro-Karlstad only once per day. Map of all lines from this company. The trip takes 1h30min with 6 stops. The train continues here to Degerfors and Karlstad.
 The remains of the old Svartåbanan, a direct line to Örebro. Since the closure in 1985 the trains are taking a longer route through Laxå and Hallsberg.
 Värmlandsbanan is heavily used by both passenger and freight trains. The railway has a single track except for some meeting stations, like here in Svartå. X52 have to let X2 high speed train pass.
 X2 is operating service Stockholm-Oslo.
 After operating 1 year with high speed train X2 on this route, the amount of passengers have increased with 39%. Previous Intercity trains took much longer travel time, hence the decreased travel time is the explanation to this increase. From December 2016, SJ will increase amount of trains from 3 to 5 per day.
 Värmlandstrafik is normally operating services only in Värmland region. Here is a map of company's routes. While Tåg i Bergslagen is operating only one service per day Örebro-Karlstad, Värmlandstrafik is operating two daily service Örebro-Charlottenberg (via Karlstad).
 The train continues to Hallsberg and Örebro.
 SJ Intercity train Karlstad-Stockholm
 This route is normally operated with X55 "Snabbtåg", but this summer was replaced by locomotive hauled train.

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