Saturday, April 9, 2016


Today I'm travelling to Norrköping, 10th largest town in Sweden, sometimes called Peking.
 I'm taking SJ Regional train (to the left).
 Stockholm-Norrköping (via Nyköping) which is taking 1h 45min. Another route is through Katrineholm and it takes 1h 21min (i will use this route on my way back).
 SJ Regional to Norrköping is operated by locomotive hauled train, using Rc6 and different versions of coaches B7 (2nd class) and A7 (1st class).
 Älvsjöbågen (arc)
 First stop is Flemingsberg. This station is used by pendeltåg (commuter trains) and SJ Regional to Norrköping, Eskilstuna and Hallsberg.
 Södertälje bridge

 Arriving to Södertälje Syd station

 Passing under E4 highway
 Vagnhärad - 3rd stop

 A glance of Baltic sea can be viewed nearby Nyköping

 Nyköping - 4th stop

 Kolmården - 5th stop
 The station changed its name from Krokek (the name of the nearby town) to Kolmården in 2005 due to re-opening of the station. The reason was most probably to promote a nearby zoo.

 The old station building still has the old name

 From Kolmården I'm continuing with a bus to my next stop - Åby.
 Since the trains does not stop here since 1973, I had to take a bus here.
 Rail rush train is passing by

 After finishing the high speed line Ostlänken, there are plans to re-open the station Åby as well as Kolmården for local commuter trains Östgötapendeln.

 The line to Nyköping is turning off to the right. The line to the left is to Katrineholm.
 X40 SJ Regional for line Gävle-Linköping
 The main objective of my trip to Norrköping is to see its trams, the only smaller town in Sweden besides Stockholm and Göteborg that has trams.

 The tram lines are from 1950, and it have been many times discussions to discontinue the tram lines.
 Today the lines are operated by modern Bombardier Flexity Classic trams, same type can be found in Djurgårdsline in Stockholm, in Frankfurt am Main and Kassel (Germany). M06 is the name for this tram and they entered the service in 2006.
 Here is the end station for line 3: Vidablick.
 There are machines for activating and buying tickets inside.

 End station for line 2: Fridvalla.

Nearby Fridvalla is the railway: Södra Stambanan mainline.
 Trains to/from Malmö are passing here.
 As well as Östgötapendeln.

 Many pizzerias in town
 Typical view for tram lines

 To the right is the old building for Västra Station (West station) for Norra Östergötlands Järnväg railway demolished in 1963.
 Today the building has a Bed and Breakfast.

 Many buildings in Norrköping have indication of what year they were built.

 Norrköping Östra (East station)

 Back to the railway and the Central station in Norrköping. Here is a Z61 from 1950's

 SJ Regional

 I have taken my seat on the second floor of X40
A rainbow somewhere nearby Stockholm

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