Sunday, April 3, 2016

Godsstråket genom Bergslagen

Today I'm continuing my journey along main line Godsstråket genom Bergslagen. A railway primarily used for cargo trains travelling south/north in Sweden. Two other posts were posted here earlier: post 1, post 2.
 I'm starting off in Krampen.
 The station is demolished

 A small house is left
 During summer time it has a museum about nearby camp from second world war time, where thousands of russian soldiers lived and worked. They escaped the USSR during the war, but were returned back later, which was basically a death penalty. More information can be found here

 Just a few km from Krampen is Uttersberg. Until 1971 there was a narrow gauge railway here from Köping to Riddarhyttan. The station of Uttersberg is now a museum.
 Outdoor museum Galleri Astley is in Uttersberg

 Next stop for me is Dagarn. The railway has meeting tracks here.
 The railway is heavily used by cargo trains even on a sunday. Here is a timber train operated by Tågab.

 The track is open, Green cargo train is ready to leave.

 Dagarn station

 Fagersta norra station

 The plattform for Tågkompaniet services
 Fagersta Central, formerly called Västanfors

 South east from Fagersta the railway is split into Kolbäck-Ludvika railway (to the left) and Godstråket genom Bergslagen (to the right)

 The cargo train nearby Sundbo Dammsjön lake

 Engelsbergs Bruk ironworks museum, listed as Unesco world heritage
 The museum has its own station
 Which is possible to reach from Ängelsberg station

 Somebody became tired from the noise
 2014 Västmanland fire was a national disaster. The rests from the fire can still be viewed

 Karbenning. There are 18 more towns nearby ending with -benning.

 A rare view nowadays


 A cargo train arriving to Krylbo
 X11 train

 In Krylbo there is an intersection of two railways

 This station has an office for left-wing party.

 Upptåget nearby Uppsala
 Uppsala central

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