Tuesday, January 5, 2016


On my last day of this trip, I'm visiting Zermatt and one of the highest peaks in Switzerland - Matterhorn.
 First an Interregio train to Visp. Here is Lake Geneva.
 The trip goes along Le Rhône river valley.

 New bridge is being installed

 Aéroport de Sion

 Changing train at Visp station to Matterhorn-Gotthard railway train.
 The train is climbing up

 Zermatt is a small town at 1620m above sea level and one of the ten most expensive ski resorts in the world.

 From Zermatt, there is a cable car up to the mountains.

 Toblerone with its Matterhorn triangle shape
 It is possible to ski to Italy from here
 The last cable car up to Klein Matterhorn is the highest place in Europe that can be reached by transport (3883m).
 Italy can be viewed from the top.

 Gornegrat can be reached from Zermatt by the railway.
 Matterhorn in the clouds

 Zermatt town
 Back to the train station in Zermatt

 At Visp, a local Regionalps RBDe 560 train.

 Intercity to Brig
 Intercity from Brig

 Next day I'm flying back to Stockholm

 At Geneve airport the mountains can be seen

 Stockholm from above

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