Monday, January 18, 2016


I'm back in Sweden, and the winter is at its peak. Today my stop is at Vingåker, the 10th largest town in Södermanlands län. It is located along the important Västra Stambanan railway, 152km from Stockholm and 303km from Göteborg.
 Most trains are passing here without stopping. 3 trains per day (on weekends) and 10 trains per day (weekdays) stops here as part of TIM line 6 Stockholm-Hallsberg (and sometimes to Karlstad).
 Today I had chance to see only non-stopping trains. Here is SJ Intercity 102 from Göteborg to Stockholm. The coaches are hauled by Rc6 locomotive.
 3 companies are operating on this route (Stockholm-Göteborg). SJ is operating services with X2 tilting high speed train (200km/h) and locomotive hauled Intercity (160km/h). Intercity train takes 3h 41min with 3 stops. Also there are Blå tåget and MTR Express trains.
 Local bus from Länstrafiken
 Vingåker station opened 1862

Today it is -10C during the day
 SJ Regional ticket machines are available on both platforms.
 To Hallsberg the price is 93SEK.
Track 3 for westbound trains
 SJ X2 train takes 3h 5min with 3 stops or 2h 50min without stopping.
Track 2 is missing platform and it is used for over taking trains in case a train is stopping at track 3.
In the winter it is actually possible to capture photos of moving trains and make them look moving (at least in the rear side)
X2 from the east
X2 from the west
2 X2 trains are meeting in Vingåker

 Blå tåget (Skandinaviska Jernbanor) is taking 3h 50min with 3 stops.
 The train is hauled by 193 "Vectron" locomotive. Older type of SJ/NSB coaches are used.
 Blå tåget is promoted as a luxury train, with a restaurant coach.
 While SJ Intercity train had only 5 coaches (2nd and 1st class), Blå tåget has 8 coaches, including 2nd, 1st, a Restaurant and Piano Bar coaches.
 MTR Express X74 takes 3h 19min with 3 stops, 14min longer than X2 due to non-tilting technology.
MTR Express is operating with 8 daily services (weekdays) compared to 18 daily services for SJ X2 (weekdays). SJ Intercity and Blå tåget have at most 2 daily services each.

The trains for the rest of this day
Tickets to Stockholm costs 174SEK 

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