Saturday, December 26, 2015

Trip to Switzerland

This New Years holidays I will spend by travelling through Europe by train. My goal is to visit Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain. 
 Christmas day at Stockholm Central. People are waiting for the train to Oslo. A night train from the north is blocking the track for a moment.
 Stockholm on this winter's day is warm, temperature is 10C.
 X2 train to Oslo somewhere in Värmland.
 The darkness is starting early this time of the year.
Finally the X2 has arrived to Oslo. This route has been operated by an older Intercity coach train until August 2015, after that it has been replaced by the X2, which with its tilting technology has reduced the travel time by about 1 hour.

For me this will be the first train during this trip which is crossing two different countries. 
 At Oslo S, an NSB Regiontog BM 73 is waiting for departure to Trondheim.
 An older version of the above train is BM 71, and it is used for airport express Flytoget.
 Inside BM 71.
 Arriving to Gardemoen airport.
 I'm reducing my travel time by taking a flight to Zurich.
 At Zurich airport there is a fast connection to central Zurich HB. I'm taking this ICN train.
 Zurich HB is the last stop for this ICN train. I'm arriving to the recently opened underground Löwenstrasse station which is part of the Weinberg Tunnel.
These platforms are just below the main Zurich HB terminus station.

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