Monday, December 28, 2015


On my way from Bern to Brig by Intercity, which is the end station for Intercity trains.
 The Alps are getting closer as I'm going south from Bern. The Alps are covering 65% of the Switzerland's surface area and many of the 4000 m alpine mountains are located in Swiss Alps.
 The border between Swiss Plateau and Bernese Alps is very clear on this sunny day.

 Arriving to Thun station.
 RABe 515 at Thun
 Thunersee lake

 After Spiez, the railway is divided into the one heading to Interlaken (to the left on the picture) and the one I'm taking, to Brig. I'm going to take Lötschberg Base Tunnel, opened 2007, and until opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel later this year, it is the world's longest rail tunnel.
 Final stop, Brig, in the middle of the Alps. Brig is just next to Italian border, the railway is continuing to Italy through Simplon Tunnel. It was opened 1906, and was until 1982 the world's longest railway tunnel.
Swiss Intercity and Interregio have the end stop here. Eurocity from Geneve to Milano is continuing through Simplon Tunnel.
 Interregio train with Re 460 locomotive. This type of locomotive can also be seen in Hong Kong (MTR KTT), Finland (VR Sr2) and Norway (NSB El 18).
 Besides the standard gauge railways operated by SBB and BLS, at Brig station a narrow gauge railway is also present operated by Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn company and also very famous Glacier Express train. The station for these trains is just outside the standard gauge rail station.
 Interregio (to the left) and Intercity (to the right) trains. The main difference is the range of connections, Intercity connecting from one centre to another, and Interregio from one region to another. Intercity has a restaurant and business zone.
 BLS RABe 535

 Hotel Victoria in Brig, just outside the railway station.
Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn station.

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