Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter 2015 - Södertälje syd

Södertälje syd station opened 1995, due to opening of the new fast railway line to Stockholm - Grödingebanan.
 The station has therefore moved to the south of the central Södertälje and can be reached now by local busses.
 The station is located on a bridge (Igelstabron).
 X55 to Karlstad.
 X2 to Malmö or Göteborg.
 X40 from Linköping.
 Two X40's approaching the station on the way to Stockholm.
 Older train to Norrköping.
 X2 approaching from the west at the full speed.
 In the 2015 timetable, less trains are now stopping in Södertälje syd due to few passengers using this station.
 So, the platforms feels a bit empty.
Bus station connecting the train stations main entrance.

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