Saturday, February 7, 2015

Winter 2015 - Nässjö, Jönköping, Falköping

Winter 2015 is continuing, and here comes some snowy photos of the railways in Sweden.
 This time on the way to Jönköping, taking 5 different trains. First is X2 to Nässjö.
 Passing by Åby station near Nörrköping.
 Norrköping station.
 Nässjö town.
 In Nässjö, Krösatågen is operating to many places.
 Västtåg train from Nässjö to Göteborg.
 Old Y1 diesel cars are not in use anymore.
 Arriving to Jönköping, in the background the Vättern lake.
 Jönköping station.
 Jönköping street.
 Y1 was replaced by Y32. Here is one arriving to Jönköping.
 X50 at Falköping station.
 A church in Falköping.
 Cinema in Falköpng.
 Coffee shop.
 Falköping station build in functionalism style 1934.
X55 back to Stockholm from Skövde.

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