Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter photos 2015 - Göteborg

Sharing some photos recently taken in Göteborg.
 Here is a suburg of Göteborg - Mölndal.
 Mölndal station is a combined terminal for trams, busses, local and regional commuter trains.
 The trains stopping here are Västtåg pendeltåg X61 and Öresundståg X31.
 Here is Öresundståg on the way to Göteborg central.
 Between the tram and train stations is the highway E6.

 Following photos are taken from Skansen Lejonet located just above the railway connections to Göteborg central.
 From here one can view all possible trains and trams in Göteborg.
 Tågab train to Värmland and Västtåg regional train.
 Old and new meets.

 Yellow labeled trains for local and regional commuter trains Västtåg.
 Öresundståg is arriving from Halmstad and Copenhagen.

Double connected X61.

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