Saturday, December 13, 2014

Flemingsberg - Årstadal - Tierp - Skutskär

Flemingsberg station opened 1987 when new Grödingebanan railway to Södertälje south was completed. The station is operating both commuter trains (Pendeltåg) and regional trains.
 Stockholm commuter trains is using X60 Alstom Coradia Nordic, launched 2005.
 SJ Regional is using X40 Alstom double deck trains, also launched 2005.
 Årstaberg station opened 2006 as a connection point between commuter trains (pendeltåg) and local tram line (tvärbanan).
 New railway bridge in Årstaberg is still under construction, and will be used for new Citybanan opening 2017.
 Funny figures at commuter train doors to help and cheer up.
 Stockholm central.
 SJ Regional X40 at Stockholm central.
 Most regional trains has Stockholm C as end stop, except the line Linköping-Gävle.
 Going north with SJ Regional line.
 Getting off at Tierp station. Just 127 km from Stockholm, but the weather feels much colder and with snow.
 SJ Regional is going further to Gävle.
 Tierp is one of those typical towns built thanks to the railway launch, in this case Ostkustbanan 1874.
 Tierp railway station.
 SJ High Speed train X55 is passing Tierp without stopping.
 The railway station building is hosting nowadays everything except businesses related to railway.
 Local commuter train Upptåget is taking me further north from Tierp.
 Passing by Marma station.

 Arriving at Skutskär stop.
 The new Skutskär station launched 2006 together with modernisation of Ostkustbanan.

 Local cinema.
 The old railway station is nowadays an office for Trafikverket.

 Skutskär is very close to the sea.
It is getting dark very early these days, here in Tierp around 15.30

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