Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Rigi, Arth-Goldau, Dekelia

I'm flying to Athens through Zurich

Zurich HB

Visiting Arth Goldau once again
But this time I will go up to Mount Rigi

193 332 

So, today is sunny and I have a Saver Day Pass, which means that I can go up to Rigi without extra cost
Taking the cogwheel train up to Rigi
It's slow, it's old and very exciting

I'm up

It's a nice view from up here
One of the newer trains on Rigi mountain railway

Viewing platform

Going back down

BLS Cargo

Flying from Zurich to Athens
In Greece, I have time to visit Dekelia (Δεκέλεια). Here is Greek version of Siemens Desiro

The local station cat
Former FS Class 470, aka Pendolino is now rolling in Greece
There are 4 trains of this type today in Greece, and they started operation in 2022

The cat is hiding from the dogs
On the way back I get upgraded to business class, which is a nice surprise

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