Sunday, December 10, 2023

Rheinfelden Augarten, Kwatrecht, Gentbrugge

Another trip this year, goes to Belgium through Switzerland
When flying early in the morning, it is possible to catch the sunrise
A piece of art in Switzerland
A lonely SNCF Fret near Pratteln 
Rheinfelden station
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LTE Vectron is parked here

Sugar beet train hauled by HSL at Rheinfelden Augarten


BLS Re465

Trams in Pratteln

It was already much warmer in Switzerland than in Poland, but in Belgium it's even warmer, people are dressed in shorts
Anyway, everything is prepared for Christmas

Not as good soup as in Poland, but definitely worth the money, all of this for 7eur at Souplounge
Or another day a tasty Belgian fries at Frites Atelier
View from Ferris wheel


Alstom HLE 13, Lineas

193 322

EMD 066, Railtraxx


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