Saturday, February 26, 2022

Trecella, Chiari, Romano, Ospitaletto, Calcio, Morengo, Vidalengo

Today I will be traveling along the Milan-Venice railway, not all the way to Venice, but I will be only visiting Lombardia region.
On the way to my platform

Nightjet from Vienna/Munich is arriving

The first stop is at Trecella


Time for a snack

The first freight train that I see today

483 320, Medway Italia S.r.l.

Non timeo adversa - I do not fear what stands against me.

Trenord Vivalto train


494 024

483 017, Captrain Italia S.r.l.

494 020

191 019

E405 030

483 010, Medway Italia S.r.l.

EC Geneve-Venice

E652 042

ALe 582-017

The Alps are very close

483 040, Ft - Ferrotramviaria S.p.A.


193 675, Adriafer S.r.l.


EC Venice-Zurich

193 675 once again

191 017, DB Cargo Italia S.r.l.


High speed railway Milano-Brescia

494 321, Medway Italia S.r.l.
Class 494 is an Italian version of Traxx DC3 locomotives manufactured by Bombardier in Vado Ligure plant in Italy. Class 494 was manufactured for Mercitalia, Medway, GTS Rail, Captrain, Locoitalia, CFI among others

Sunset at Pozzuolo

Milano Porta Venezia station
ATM Class 1500 tram in Milan
This tram is from 1928, still going strong

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