Wednesday, January 26, 2022


I'm on my way abroad, this time it's a business trip to Athens, but I will have time to spot some trains
Yes, I'm flying. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to take a train to Greece, and even if there would be it would take too much time.
During covid, there are no direct flights to Greece, so I have to do a stopover.

Coffee and cookies on board the plane (not for free)

Stopover in Zurich

Next flight is over the Alps

When I am about to land in Greece, I start to think that I'm back in Sweden
Yes, it is snow in Athens airport

The highway is closed so I have to take small roads to the centre of Athens
This is a normal sight for Sweden, but here it is a disaster

Syntagma square 
Many trees are broken due to heavy snow

The metro is working

Orange trees are broken too

At the hotel I'm having my dinner
I understand that there is a covid pandemic, but it feels that it has gone too far with protection
I have a chance to view the snowy Athens during the daylight
I'm planning to climb up to Lycabettus Hill to view the town

Don't know if it's a good idea as it's very slippery. I have winter shoes though

The last part was the most slippery one, I had to hold the handrail
This is the hightest point in the center of Athens, 277m

So, what about the trains in Greece?
The main line is the Piraeus–Platy railway, connecting Athens with Thessaloniki and to the rest of Europe, the line was completely electrified in 2019
Agios Stefanos station near Athens
Ticket office

Not sure if the trains are running today, but the tracks are clean

Dekelia station

Here it is, Intercity train Athens-Thessaloniki
TrainOSE Class 120, is a Siemens Hellas Sprinter locomotive manufactured in 1999

Athens regional train is also manufactured by Siemens
OSE Class 460, Siemens Desiro

Homeless dogs

Agioi Anargyroi

Cats are everywhere

Cold during the night, warmer during the day


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