Monday, December 27, 2021

Klieken, Rodleben, Magdeburg Herrenkrug, Niederndodeleben

I've been traveling from Sweden to Spain for Christmas/New Year now since 2015, with the only exception for 2020 due to Covid. This year I'm taking trains as well, I will travel by night trains as much as possible. 
The winter is here

Rc3 at Degerfors station

My first train on this winter Interrail trip is Tågab train from Degerfors to Stockholm


From Stockholm, I'm taking the night train to Berlin
Between Stockholm and Malmö, there is a restaurant coach with warm food and cold drinks

Couchette compartment at Snälltåget
Pillow from Ikea
Enough USB chargers

At Malmö, more couchette cars are connected, while some seat cars are disconnected

From Malmö to Padborg there is a Traxx locomotive 

In the morning, it's time for breakfast
Waking up in Berlin

Arriving at Berlin Hbf

Class 114 between Padborg and Berlin

So, I'm in Berlin, what can I do now
I will be taking trains to Hamburg, where I will be taking a Nightjet later today
I'm on my way to Roßlau (Elbe) where I will be visiting the railway between Magdeburg and Lutherstadt Wittenberg

193 897

Bombardier Talent 2

Roßlau station

Not far from Roßlau is the Rodleben station
I'm now at Trebnitz-Leipzig railway
The Trebnitz–Leipzig railway is a double track electrified main line in the German states of Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony built and originally operated by the Berlin-Anhalt Railway Company. It formally starts at Trebnitz on the former border between the Duchy of Anhalt and Prussia and runs via Dessau and Delitzsch to Leipzig. The section from Bitterfeld to Leipzig is part of Line 1 of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T). Until 1871, the Zerbst–Roßlau section was called the Anhaltische Leopoldsbahn (Anhalt Leopold's railway). (Wikipedia)
186 299, HSL 
The locomotive has flags of 7 countries, where it is capable to operate

192 024, Niederrheinische Verkehrsbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft NIAG

Magdeburg Herrenkrug station

The station is served by local trams
186 538, LTE Logistik- and Transport-GmbH

183 500, RailAdventure GmbH

145 087, SRI Rail Invest GmbH

Bridge over Elbe river

Niederndodeleben station

Brunswick–Magdeburg railway

193 232, LTE
"The Flying Dutchman"

187 306, CTL Logistics GmbH

At Braunschweig I'm chainging trains, in order to get to Hamburg. First an Intercity train 
At Hannover I'm changing to ICE
Having a beer in the restaurant car


Here in Hamburg, I have to go and test myself for Covid, since I'm entering Austria and Italy on the following day. It turned out that nobody was checking any test results in any country I was visiting on this trip, so I was just wasting my time and money. The test was negative by the way

A mandatory photo for all rail travellers arriving to Hamburg from Scandinavia
This time I'm taking NJ 40491 to Innsbruck

The only good thing with Corona was that I could book a single sleeper compartment just days before without any problem. In normal case everything is fullbooked months in advance
I can see that ÖBB/Newrest have replaced Italian Prosecco with German Trocken. Also good, but more sweet.

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