Saturday, October 9, 2021

Bonn-Oberkassel, Unkel, Linz(Rhein), Leubsdorf, Namedy

Today I will be traveling along the East Rhein Railway until Koblenz, and then back along West Rhein Railway until Cologne.
It is almost the middle of October, but today will be a day almost like during the summer
Düsseldorf Wehrhahn station

Wehrhahn is actually located in central Dusseldorf, it is possible to get here by tram
New hotels overlooking the railway
Fast trains passing by as I'm waiting for my S-Bahn

Düsseldorf-Eller station is located at the Troisdord-Mülheim-Speldorf freight railway (located to the left here)
No freight trains were seen during my visit

Class 422 S-Bahn
Due to railworks, the high speed trains were rerouted here

Thalys PBKA

The fog is a typical weather phenomenon during the fall 
Class 462, Desiro HC

At Köln-Messe/Deutz station I'm changing trains

Class 442, Bombardier Talent 2 - here operated by National Express



I'm on my way south on the east side of Rhine river

Bonn-Oberkassel station

Alstom Coradia Continental regional train

152 100, Eurosprinter

The train is disappearing in the fog

Class 425 from Siemens/Bombardier/DWA
485 011, BLS Cargo

482 010, SBB Cargo International

Class 101 and the Intercity train

189 994, MRCE Dispolok/SBB Cargo

Unkel station

145 064 and 145 050, both from RBH Logistics GmbH

193 308

185 419, Traxx F140 AC2 from Raildox GmbH & Co

185 131

Arriving at Linz (Rhein) 
Here, there is a construction of a new platform

Class 423, from S-Bahn Stuttgart is a little bit lost here

Time to see the Rhein river

The line is very busy

187 167
There is a section of a single track ahead

193 283, Vectron MS from TX Logistik. Since 2021 it has a green livery 
Approved for operations in D, A, CH, I, NL

There are basically no bridges between Bonn and Koblenz, so the only way to cross the river is by ferry


Leubsdorf station

187 205, Traxx F140 AC3

187 186

Looks like a rail damper in order to make the rail more quiet

185 277

1293 185

193 526

Urmitzer Eisenbahnbrücke
Desiro ML at Koblenz Stadtmitte station

Now traveling at the west Rhine railway
Namedy station
Here there are more passenger trains than freight

Stadler Flirt from CFL is on the way to Luxembourg

151 168 and 151 049 from Railpool
Class 151 is from the 70's

185 419 is already back, this time on the other side of the Rhein


193 757 from ELL/LTE

145 091 from WFL - Wedler Franz Logistik GmbH & Co

189 042 and 189 044 from DB Cargo
The locomotives are intended for operations in Germany and the Netherlands

475 401, BLS Cargo at Andernach station

On my way back to Cologne

Köln Süd

When in Köln, have to drink Kölsch

Köln West station

Freight route is passing through central Köln

Köln Messe/Deutz

Last train today is this ICE to Dusseldorf

Schloss Jägerhof
Time to go to bed

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