Saturday, September 12, 2020


Today I'm visiting Kil and on the next day - Värmland Moose park
Y1 1315 and 1296

Rc4 1148
Train 47731 from Kristinehamn to Kil had to take another route through Nykroppa due to railway works on Värmlandsbanan today
TMZ 109
Former DSB ME 1527 is now re-painted with Nordic Re-Finance livery

X16 960 is on tour arranged by Svenska Motorvagnsklubben, SMoK

Near Kil, there is a former station of Edsvalla
Railway crossing is now closed

SJ Regional train from Karlstad to Göteborg is now operated with also with the older locomotive-hauled train. Otherwise, X52 is used for this line.
Rc6 1364 at Grums station
Train 41607 from Grums to Kongsvinger
243 111, Vectron
X52 at Kil
T44 263

Lene station
Train 41607 has now reached Lene

Train 48500 "Vänerexpressen" from Göteborg to Karlstad
Rc2 1052


Train 48488 from Falköping to Kristinehamn

Rc2 008

On the next day, I'm visiting Värmland Moose Park located near Ekshärad in Värmland
A tour guide in English is talking about Moose
Here they are

Nearby there is Brattfallet waterfall

An old bridge from 1923


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