Saturday, June 13, 2020

Mantorp, Vikingstad, Mjölby, Skänninge

It's summer, and I will spend time in my favourite places in Närke as well as some new places in Östergötland.
 I'm on my way to Närke, train to Charlottenberg and further to Norway is passing by Hallsberg in the evening
 Rc4 1267
 T44 0282
 Rd2 1115
 At Laxå, there are several trains - X2 and Y31
 Also a freight train to Göteborg

 Rm 1261
 "Avoid crowding" at Mantorp station on the following morning

 I had to wake up really early to catch this train 62011 from Rosersberg to Malmö and further to Germany.
 The train left Rosersberg around 04:00 in the morning, now it's 07:00 when it's passing by Mantorp, and it is well ahead of the schedule, 91minutes before timetable.
 185 326 Traxx

 At nearby station Mjölby I can spot train 47684 from Kristinehamn to Fredrikslund (near Nybro)

 Tågab Rc2 010

 Train from Älvsjö to Älmhult near Vikingstad

 X61 at Vikingstad

 Train 41062 from Krefeld -Uerdingen to Katrineholm

 241 008 "Galore" Traxx

 Train 66228 from Hässleholm to Nykvarn is arriving at Mjölby

 Rc4 1305

 Rd2 1030

 X51 9011
 Train 62424 Kil-Älmhult

 Rc4 1148
 Qla 3001 is a former A2 car


 The station is decorated with old photos

 Train 27280 from Emmaboda to Långsele
 187 400, Traxx F160 AC3 LM
 The train driver is saying hello

 What happened here...
 Train 44983 Hallsberg-Trelleborg

 185 327

 Train 42025 Ånge-Helsingborg

 Rc4 1314

 Train 40989 at Motala Verkstad

 Rc3 1054 and 1061


 Train 5100

 Rc4 1143

 Train 40296
 441 002 Eurosprinter

 Train 56236 to Kristinehamn
 185 330 Traxx and MZ 1452

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