Saturday, October 19, 2019

Avesta Krylbo, Storvik, Tierp

Today I'm visiting Dalarna and Gävleborg regions.
Starting at Avesta Krylbo station where I arrive with an Intercity train.

Krylbo courthouse

Train 4911 Vännäs-Nässjö

Rc4 1157

There is a cafe at the station, serving homemade sandwiches

Train 6159 Borlänge-Fagersta
Td 377

It is a very short train, with one freight car only
Autumn has definitely arrived in Dalarna

Very slippery stairs

T44 261 from Swedtrack

Next is X52 9037 Tåg i Bergslagen

Unfortunately, almost all the train was covered in graffiti.

Arriving at Storvik

Old post office in Storvik

Train 73566 Katrineholm-Långsele
187 400-8 is a Traxx F160 AC3 LM from Railpool and CFL Cargo

There is a pub in Storvik

Train 5966 Hallsberg-Ånge
Rc4 1167 and 1166

There is a change of train driver here in Storvik, so the train stops at the platform

Storvik is located between Hallsberg and Ånge, so the rest of the trip will probably be with the same driver

X51 9008
X51 9023
After arriving in Gävle, I'm taking Upptåget to Tierp
X52 9051




Train 15843 Rosersberg-Gävle godsbangård

Rd2 1103

SJ Intercity will be my train back to Stockholm

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