Saturday, September 14, 2019

Öxnered, Ed

Today I'm visiting the Dalsland region, I will travel as far as to Ed close to Norway.
September morning in Stockholm
Central station

The station is decorated with painting, representing famous places in Sweden
Breakfast in the train, the caviar and egg are back

Before arrival at Göteborg, I have time for lunch too

Norge/Vänerbanan railway


Regina seat map from Västtåg
Instead of waiting for my next train at Göteborg C, I will do that in Öxnered
X52 9089

Train 7003 Tågab

Rc3 1063

X61 parked here in Öxnered

Train 48483 from Falköping to Segmon

Rc2 006

X12 3195

Tågab freight train has to change direction two times on its way, first in Herrljunga, second time here in Öxnered

Train 395 will be my next one
BM73 from NSB (now Vy)

That's a nice window seat
Dals Rostock


A vending machine inside the train, unfortunately, payment not working in Sweden

Arriving to Ed
There are really few train connection to Ed, most of them operated with Norwegian regional service between Göteborg and Oslo

Lake Stora Le

The steam locomotive from JÅÅJ is temporarily located here in Ed
It arrived here in May 2019

DJ H3 10 is manufactured in 1914

Railway park
Some kind of outdoor event here in Ed

Time for a beer

Tumulus from iron age

It is said that King Karl XII was passing by here, probably on its way to Norway. Here is a hotel named after him.

When it starts raining, I'm finding out that my train back is canceled. Instead a replacement bus is on its way, or actually, it is a minibus with few passengers.
After negotiations with the driver, I manage to make him drive me to Mellerud instead of Öxnered in order to make it for my next train. I arrive to Mellerud seeing the train coming.

It is the same train I saw earlier today

After a stressful minibus trip from Ed, I can relax now in an empty 1st class compartment

Lake Vänern


Another Tågab in Säffle

Saturday evening, a car queue to McDonald's

Värmlands Bro

A couple of Rc4 locomotives carrying a freight train

Another freight train

Tågab Rc2 in Grums

Vectron in Kil

An empty Intercity train in Kil

Arriving in Karlstad

Time for another beer
A new pub has been opened just opposite the train station here in Karlstad
Train back to Stockholm

Spola mjölken

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