Saturday, June 8, 2019

Mosselund, Eneryda, Stockaryd

Today I will go from Hässleholm back to Stockholm, stopping at various places along Södra Stambanan railway (Southern Main Line).

First stop is at Ballingslöv which is the name of the town and station north of Hässleholm. For some reason Trafikverket is calling this place Mosselund.
X31 at Ballingslöv

Service house for Trafikverket named Mosselund.

Hästveda is the next station north of Ballingslöv.

X11 3170 at Osby

Brio - the wooden toy company is based in Osby
At Tunneby I can spot train 45517 from Borlänge to Trelleborg
Rc4 1149
Rc4 1282

Tunneby is located south of Killeberg which has a train station with a platform
X31 at Killeberg

Älmhult is the home of IKEA

Roundhouse in Älmhult
Rc4 1263 in Älmhult

Train 9757 from Falköping to Karshamn
Rd2 1090

Möckeln station is located near Älmhult
The station building is from 1916, but the last train stopped here in 1970. The station has the same name as the nearby lake.

Diö station

Snälltåget Malmö-Stockholm
193 287 Vectron

X31 in Diö

Train 66925 Gävle-Malmö
Rc4 1301

New Diö station, just as all other stations between Hässleholm and Alvesta (except Osby and Älmhult) reopened in 2013.

X11 3170 to Växjö

Liatorp station

For some reason the station in Liatorp was not reopened in 2013 even though this town is bigger than for example Ballingslöv (Liatorp has 574, Ballingslöv 362 inhabitans according to Wikipedia).


X2 train in Eneryda

Train 5613 Hallsberg-Malmö

Rd2 1088
Rc4 1197


Unknown train is passing by in Blädinge. Unfortunately it started to rain here, so I could not be outside for so long.

After passing by Alvesta (which I have already visited many times by train) I've reached Gåvetorp

Dansjön lake

An old house in Gåvetorp

Original location of the Gåvetorp station

A wet X2 train passing by Gåvetorp

Train 28926 labeled as "Ej i trafik" (Not in service)

At Torpsbruk I'm stuck at the closed railway crossing
Train 5100 Malmö-Hallsberg

Rc4 1157

Near Lammhult I can spot the animals which the town is named after (Lamm - Lamb).
They were very curious and social

X11 3187 in Lammhult

After a long and rainy period it is sunny, and I can spot this train 63599 from Falköping to Germany.
241 002 "Skywalker" Traxx F140 AC2
This train is 328 minutes delayed here in Lammhult

Next is train 42025 from Luleå to Helsingborg, also delayed but this one with 49 min
The train is operated by RRS together with Green Cargo
Rc4 1151

Railway crossing in Värmbron
Between Värmbron and Lammhult the railway is built in this way

Rörvik is a town with 620 inhabitans, yet it was decided to not built a train stop here for the Krösatåg services between Alvesta and Nässjö.

Former station location can be seen here with space for the platform

Stockaryd has a beautiful station which is today a cafe

A nice wooden statue of the railway worker here in Stockaryd
Train 4300 Helsingborg-Skelleftehamn

Rd2 1107

Snälltåget train 3931 with 193 288 Vectron

Train 47843 from Kristinehamn to Hestra
Tågab Rc2 001
Most probably this cargo is for Vida Packaging AB in Hestra

Train 5611 Hallsberg-Malmö

Rc4 1322 and 1153

Train 5164 is switching to a side track here in Stockaryd
Train 17614

X14 3237

After letting the passenger train pass here, the freight train 5164 from Malmö can continue to Hallsberg
Rc4 1310

Hector Rail train 40992 is also switching off to let a faster train pass

X11 3187

X2 in Stockaryd

441 002-5 "Croft" Eurosprinter

Looks like an artist has been working here

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