Thursday, May 30, 2019

Sya, Strålsnäs, Frinnaryd, Solberga

This weekend's trip starts in Stockholm.
Sergels torg
Sankta Klara church - located near the central station

Central station in Stockholm on Friday afternoon
1.53 min later I'm in Degerfors. This train 643 must be the fastest connection between Stockholm and Degerfors, since it is operated with X2 train.

Degerfors station

Train 16818 from Karlstad to Sävenäs

Rd2 1081
Following day, I'm travelling to Södra stambanan to check some old stations. I'm starting with Sya which lost its passenger stop in 1973.
Sya is located between Mjölby and Mantorp stations
Sya station building

Today the station is a restaurant

It is clear from the size of the overhead line support structure that there were many tracks here before and a station

This weekend, the line through Hallsberg is completely closed, which means that trains between Stockholm and Göteborg have to take this southern line instead and travel through Helsingborg, Borås or Falköping.
Train 90335 is travelling from Stockholm to Göteborg via Hässleholm, Markaryd and Halmstad.

Östgötapendeln train X61

X2 train south of Mjölby. This is train 90318 from Göteborg to Stockholm through Borås and Alvesta.

MTR Express decided to operate only until Nässjö, where the rest of the trip to Göteborg was done with replacement busses. Here is train 96903 from Stockholm to Nässjö.

Train 96900 from Nässjö to Stockholm

Östgötapendeln from Mjölby to Tranås

Train 16070 from Karlshamn to Borlänge. Due to closure in Hallsberg it has to take another route through Eskilstuna.
Rd2 1128

Next is Strålsnäs which also lost its passenger traffic in 1973

Strålsnäs together with two other stations I will visit today (Frinnaryd and Solberga) are identical buildings.
No train stop here anymore, but there are busses

Train 18832 Tranås-Mjölby
Snälltåget train 3940 passing by in Strålsnäs
193 287 Vectron

The station name has been repainted some times
View from Höganloft rest stop on the road 32
Railway crossing near Gripenberg

Frinnaryd station

304 km from Malmö - I think there was once written here
Train 96902 Nässjö-Stockholm

Train 80514 Malmö-Stockholm

Train 30431
Train 27616 Nässjö-Tranås
X14 3239

My last stop today is Solberga

Train 42093 Snyten-Helsingborg

Rc4 1149 and 1170

X14 is returning from Tranås to Nässjö

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