Saturday, March 2, 2019

Godegård, Finspång, Ändebol, Vadsbro

 Train 8935 Örebro-Oslo with X53 9048

 On my way back from Närke to Stockholm, I'm passing by Bråtens Banvaktsstuga, or the place where it once was located.

 Train 8167 Gävle-Mjölby
 X51 9013

 Train 42025 Luleå-Helsingborg

 Rc4 1316 and 1151

 Train 47152 Klippan-Kristinehamn
 Rc2 007

 From Godegård, I'm moving on to Prästköp where the narrow gauge NÖJ (Norra Östergötlands Järnvägar) was once located
 Prästköp station
 NÖK was built 1896 and the last train between Örebro and Finspång was used in service in 1962. The tracks were dismantled in 1989.

 The tracks were once passing by here in Hällestad

 Hällestad station

 At Finspång however the tracks are still in place. In 1962 the railway between Finspång and Kimstad was rebuilt from narrow to standard gauge.
 The railway is only used for occasional freight trains

Finspång station is now a bus stop

From Finspång I'm following the old NÖJ railway, and I have now reached Doverstorp station.

At Skärblacka, the station house is also remained
The freight trains are used here for the paper industry

Moving on from NÖJ to Södra stambanan railway
At Simonstorp no station is present anymore
Moving on further north to Ändebol

The platform was probably located somewhere here between the two lines

Train 278 Linköping-Gävle

X40 3322

From Ändebol to Vrena and Flen-Oxelösund railway

The line operates only by freight trains between Borlänge and Oxelösund transporting steel products between SSAB facilities
Here is train 9133 to Oxelösund
185 642 Traxx F140 AC2 with mgw service livery and operated by Green Cargo

Maximum speed here is 80km/h

Further north on the line is this beautiful station of Vadsbro built in 1914
Old grocery shop in Vadsbro

Looks like an old platform

Looks like somebody who lives here likes old cars

Busses operating Vadsbro

"The heart of Sörmland" located in Vadsbro
Roundabout in Malmköping

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