Saturday, January 12, 2019


I'm back to Sweden after a longer trip to Spain.
 January is a dark month in Sweden, here is a photo in the morning of the Årsta railway bridge
 Today I'm taking a train to Falun, but first a short visit in Gävle
 X55 train Stockholm-Sundsvall in Gävle

 Railway station in Gävle (to the left)

 X54 9056 Tåg i Bergslagen is my next train


 SJ Intercity and TiB trains

 Decoration at the station
"Flätverk" by Jörg Jerschke

 Elsborg area in Falun

 I'm on my way to one of the main attractions in Falun - the copper ore mine area which is listed as Unesco world heritage

 View point

 Falu red factory

 Ski jumping hill which I was visiting in October 2018

 "Selma" by Arvid Backlund
 Water levels during the years


 Train back to Stockholm
 Göteborg-Falun railway (Bergslagernas Järnväg) was the first completed railway in Sweden

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