Sunday, December 23, 2018

Stockholm to Varberg

After a long autumn and beginning of the winter it is time for Christmas and New Year holidays - which means a longer trip to Spain and back by train.
 I'm leaving my home - the snow is here already in December
 At the station I'm taking an SJ Intercity train to Degerfors
 The station is full of people on the way to celebrate their Christmas
 Rc6 1420
 1st class compartment in AB7 coach - the train is actually full booked, soon all the passengers will arrive

 After a 2h trip I'm in Degerfors - a one day to celebrate Christmas before my journey starts

 At the countryside the nature is full of birds looking for food
 My favourite lake that I was swimming in 3 months ago is now covered with ice

 Train spotting in Svartå

 X52 9081 from Värmlandstrafiken

 SJ Intercity

 Same train I was taking the day before

 I have a very tight schedule, so I'm leaving already on the Christmas Eve this year
 Centrumtorget in Laxå
 Salmon sculpture in Laxå
 Laxå station

 X40 train is taking me from Laxå to Göteborg. I thought that it would be empty, but the train was packed full of passengers. It seems that I'm not the only one travelling instead of celebrating Christmas
 Göteborg C

 On the following day I had planned to reach Berlin, the only way to do that is to stop somewhere where Öresundståg is stopping, so I decided that it would be Varberg
 I'm now taking Öresundståget to Varberg
 On the contrary to X40 train from Laxå to Göteborg, this X31 train is rather empty
 And now I have to try to explain the ticket system for the trip Göteborg-Varberg. Depending on where it is bought, the price is different. Here is the price when purchasing the ticket in Hallandstrafiken app
Here is the price when purchasing on the Öresundståg website - note that it is more expensive here,  but there are options to get a refundable ticket and also pay for a seat reservation
I'm buying the ticket in the ticket machine at Göteborg C - it turns out to be the cheapest option. A card from Hallandstrafiken is necessary for this option

My hotel is offering a complementary Christmas dinner - which is perfect as everything is basically closed on this day in town
 The harbour area in Varberg

 Varberg fortress

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