Saturday, November 10, 2018

Boxholm, Skänninge

Today's trip goes to Boxholm and Skänninge in Östergötland.
 First, Intercity train to Linköping.
 X40 in Linköping
 X2 train passing in Mjölby

 Train 69667 with military cargo
 The locomotive is an Ma 404, today it belongs to NTA (Norsk Transport AS)
 Ma 404 was manufactured by ASEA in 1953
 The cargo is coming from NATO Trident Juncture exercise in Central and Eastern Norway

 From Mjölby I'm taking X61 Östgötapendeln to Boxholm
 X61 in Boxholm

 Train 69667 is slower than all others here due to the max speed of Ma locomotive, which is 105km/h
 Train RRS 42033 from Luleå to Nässjö is passing by here in Boxholm

 Rc4 1149 and 1310

 It's not every day you see this kind of cargo

 X2 to Stockholm

 Boxholm station designed by Adolf W. Edelsvärd became a model for many other stations in Sweden along the Southern Main Line.

 Snälltåget passing by

 X11 3138 Krösatåg and Snälltåget
 Vectron locomotive

 I'm taking another X61 from Boxholm
 Passing by Strålsnäs

 Skänninge is a station I'm visiting over and over again.

 Vårfrukyrkan from 13th century

 Fire station

 Autumn in Skänninge

 The Royal route in Östergötland is passing through Skänninge
 S:ta Ingrids kloster - Skänninge Abbey was once located here


 Train 41025

 Train 8169 Gävle-Mjölby
 X52 9017 from Transitio

 Train 5611
 Rc4 1170

 Old roundhouse in Skänninge

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