Saturday, October 13, 2018


On this Saturday in October I take a trip to Varberg, on the west coast in Sweden.
 First, X2000 train to Alvesta
 Salen lake
 The new Mb (Transmontana) locomotives for Green Cargo are here in Alvesta

 My next train is Krösatåg to Värnamo
 X14 Krösatåg


 It's a short to from Alvesta to Värnamo
 Värnamo is a junction station between Halmstad-Nässjö and Kust-till-kust railways
 SJ Regional Göteborg-Kalmar is arriving to Värnamo
 Rc6 1415

 Y31 1405
 Värnamo station

 My 3rd train today is Krösatåg to Halmstad, it is a Y32 1411



 Train 16821 Hallsberg-Malmö (via Göteborg)
 Rd2 1030

 I'm crossing the railway to the other side, in order to find Halmstad Östra (East) station
 A new station in Halmstad is currently under construction

 It turned out that Halmstad Östra was very close to the central one
 Halmstad Östra station belonged to the railway Halmstad-Bolmen which was a 65km narrow gauge railway constructed in 1889. Unfortunately it was closed in 1966 and the tracks were taken out of use.
 The station is however still in place

 Y1 1299
 Train 51974 Malmö-Göteborg

 Halmstad Central seen from the Östra station

 Halmstad central
After visiting Halmstad, I'm taking a train to Varberg. The train is an X31 4406
 Varberg station
 Due to single track railway through Varberg, the railway here will be built in a tunnel, the construction will take place between 2019-2024

 Campus Varberg and Hålrum ("Hole") sculpture

Spirande snäcka ("Spire shell") sculpture

 Tullkammare, Custom house
 Public bath in Varberg. It is one of the landmarks of Varberg and the current building is from 1903

 13th of October, and people are still taking a bath in the sea
 I'm now visiting Varberg Fortress which is another landmark of Varberg
 From Wikipedia: "Varberg Fortress was built in 1287-1300 by Count Jacob Nielsen as protection against Eric VI of Denmark, who had declared him an outlaw after the murder of his father King Eric V of Denmark. Jacob had close connections with King Eric II of Norway and as a result got substantial Norwegian assistance with the construction. The fortress, as well as half the county, became Norwegian in 1305. In the fourteenth century the fortress was expanded to include a castle."

 A freight train passing by

 A monument for Daniel Rantzau, a Danish-German general who was known for his leadership during the Northern Seven Years' War.

 Current single track railway through Varberg that will be replaced with a tunnel in about 5 years

 Warbergs sparbank building from 1898

 Sculptures by Knutte Wester at Brunnsparken

 Varberg church

 Västtåg from Uddevalla/Borås
X12 3215

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