Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bodensee, Rheinfall

Today I will spend a day travelling around Bodensee lake.
 Bodensee or Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Central and Western Europe, and it is shared by three countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Today I will not use Interrail, instead I am purchasing Bodensee Ticket. One-day ticket for All zones has the price of 26EUR. The Bodensee Ticket is only valid for local trains (IRE, RE, RB) on railway lines in Germany. The Bodensee Ticket is valid on all trains in Switzerland and Austria (including EC St.Gallen-Lindau). The ticket gives 25% discount on the boat tickets, in my case I will use the line Lindau-Konstanz which costs 17,50EUR + 25% off

 River Rhine is running through the lake which is 63km long and has a widest point of 14km
 The train station in Lindau is located next to the ferry terminal.

 Eurocity train from Munich to Zurich is changing direction and locomotives here in Linday. Here is DB Class 218

 From Lindau to Zurich it is hauled by Re 421

 ÖBB Class 4024 Talent to Bludenz
 Regional Express

 Other train photographers

 MS "Vorarlberg" will be my ship for the trip to Konstanz. The trips takes 2h40min
 Leaving Lindau

 Ehemalige Luitpold-Kaserne in Lindau

 It's a perfect day for a trip on a lake, but it's very hot

 There are a cafe and a restaurant on board

 There is a stop in Meersburg
 Magische Säule sculpture by Peter Lenk

 Another stop is in Mainau which has a castle and a botanical garden

 Arriving to Konstanz
 Another sculpture by Peter Lenk is Imperia here in Konstanz

 Konstanz is located in Germany, but it has a border with Switzerland basically inside the town centre

 Railway station in Konstanz
 Seehas is operating the S-Bahn line Konstanz-Engen, here is RABe 521 Stadler Flirt
 Thurbo is operating the line to St. Gallen with RABe 526 Stadler GTW

 InterRegio line from Biel/Zürich is operated with RABe 511 Stadler Kiss
My next train will be a Seehas service to Radolfzell with a Stadler Flirt
 I'm now travelling along Hochrheinbahn (High Rhine Railway)
 At Radolfzell I'm changing trains. My destination now is Neuhausen Rhinefall
  Two DB Class 650 Stadler Regio-Shuttle RS1 and one Traxx locomotive

 Intercity 2 with double deck coaches is used for the line Konstanz-Stuttgart

 Traxx P160 AC2
 My next train is DB Class 612

 After a quick change at Schaffhausen, I'm taking one stop with S-Bahn to Rheinfall station
 Without even noticing I'm already in Switzerland
 Rheinfall is the largest waterfall in Europe
 Rheinfall is 150m wide and 23m high

 A sort of Niagara fall in Europe

 S-Bahn train back to Schaffhausen
 S-Bahn Zürich is operated with this push pull double deck train set

 The station in Schaffhausen is jointly owned by DB and SBB

 Shaffhausen is a cosy town with very few tourists

 Kirche St. Johann

 Mouse lamp

 From Schaffhausen I'm taking a direct train to Friedrichshafen in Germany
 Train types serving Friedrichshafen
 RE to Lindau with DB Class 218
 The line Ulm-Friedrichshafen is being electrified, the works are expected to be completed in 2021
The day started with sunshine and blue sky but it has ended with thunder and heavy rain. My visit to the opera performance at Bregenz was cancelled due to bad weather - a reason to visit this place again in the future.

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