Saturday, May 5, 2018

Storå, Falun

Today I'm travelling to Storå in Bergslagen
 First I'm changing trains in Hallsberg


 Eurosprinter Hectorrail 441

 I'm now taking TiB train from Hallsberg to Storå, here passing by Kumla
 Råsvalen lake and Stripa mine that I'm going to visit
 Storå station

 Storå is located along the Bergslagsbanan railway from Frövi to Falun

 The old station was located here once, it was demolished in 2007

 The bridge from the old 3,7km branch railway from Storå to Guldsmedshyttan

 The railway was built in 1875 and removed in 1992
 The old railway is now transformed to a bicycle road

 TiB train on the other side of the lake

 Stripa mine was active until 1977

 It is well preserved, and there is a museum here during the summer

 Another branch railway from Storå is this 7km long railway to Stråssa, another mine.

I'm taking the following train from Storå to Borlänge



 Ställberg mine
 Still some snow at Romme Alpin near Borlänge

 Changing trains in Borlänge
 X51 9013

 Runn lake


 SJ Intercity terminates here in Falun
 Falun station

 Gefle-Dala Jernväg heritage railway association is located here

 Promenaden in Falun

 Falu Kristine kyrka

 Railway station waiting hall

 Dinner onboard the SJ Intercity
 Entering the tunnel to Arlanda Central station
 This time I'm getting off in Arlanda

 Very convenient for passengers arriving with a train from the north, but very expensive as there is a fee of 120SEK to pay when entering in/out from the station

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