Sunday, October 29, 2017

Väse, Munkfors, Molkom, Torrvarpsund

Today I'm travelling to Värmland and visit some of the street arts from Artscape project.
 First I stop at Strömtorp which is an old junction station where Värmlandsbanan meets Nora Bergslags Järnväg. The line to Gullspång is since 2002 used only by draisine vehicles while the line to Bofors is still used by freight trains.
 The station was called Carlskoga until 1895, and was once a more important station than nearby Degerfors. It has been disused since 1976.
 Tågab train 7032 from Kristinehamn to Göteborg.

 Moving further west to Väse station
 Väse station is still used for local services

 The station house is one of the few along this line still in place

 X55 for service 623 from Stockholm to Oslo

 Tågab 7031 from Kristinehamn to Göteborg (now on western route).

 AB3 coach painted in its original dark red colour

 Tågab 48067 from Kristinehamn to Åmål

 TMZ 109 diesel locomotive

 Hector Rail 40151 from Värtan to Norway with bio fuel transport.

 Rc3 1058 and Rc3 1054

 I have now reached Karlstad, where I spot the first of the street art projects. There are totally 25 house paintings around Värmland. This one is named "Ledania" from the Colombian artists

 I'm moving further north from Karlstad along Klarälvsbanan, which is now a bicycle trail. Here is Edsgatan station.

 Skived station
 "BKFOXX" in Forshaga

 "Annatomix" in Munkfors

 Munkfors old station along NKIJ line, here is the map

 Old roundhouse in Munkfors

 Bridge over Klarälven
 Holsby station, available for rent at Airbnb
 Dejefors hydropower
 Deje station was once a junction between NKIJ and BJ railways

 Molkom station at BJ railway
 The station is disused since 1982


 NKIJ railway was stretching all the way to Hagfors and the south east to Filipstad. Here at Finnshyttan the railway is also a bicycle trail.


 On the other side of the Hemtjärnen lake is Inlandsbanan
 "Yash" in Filipstad

 Grythyttan station

 Tågab is the only operator here

 Torrvarpen lake

 It's getting windy
 The railway is passing here in the middle of the lake

 The train is coming
 Tågab 7037 from Falun to Göteborg passing at Torrvarpsund

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