Sunday, February 19, 2017

Märsta, Knivsta, Uppsala

Today I'm visiting parts of East Coast Line (Ostkustbanan) from Stockholm to Uppsala. The railway continues to Sundsvall
 Sigtuna municipality has two railway stations along East Coast Line - Rosersberg and Märsta. In 1999, the new Arlandabanan railway opened, making most long distance trains take the route through the airport.
 Rosersberg still serves pendeltåg trains.
 The Land-Inn motel in Roserberg

 Next stop is Märsta, which is also a stop for SJ Regional trains to/from Uppsala and Stockholm.

 Station building is from 1914

 One of the newer buildings in Märsta

 Märsta is the end station for commuter trains to/from Södertälje.
 Knivsta - next stop along the line belongs to Uppsala county. Since 2012 SL pendeltåg is operating here a service between Älvsjö and Uppsala.

 SL card reader to the left and UL ticket machine in the middle

 Old Knivsta station house from 1876, today privately owned.

 The traffic is heavy on this route to Uppsala, there are discussions to build 2 more tracks for increased capacity.
 X40 train for Gävle-Linköping service.

 X55 train to Sundsvall

 SJ Regional

 Moving further north towards Uppsala, here is a view of Denmark church
 SJ Regional train passing near Bergsbrunna


 Bergsbrunna had a station until 1969 and was demolished 1975.
 Suburbs of Uppsala - Gränby
 Vaksala street
 Moving to the other side of Uppsala, where Dalabanan railway starts.
 SJ Intercity for Falun

 Last stop is along the demolished Uppsala-Enköping railway in Örsundsbro. Railway was operated until 1980, but there are plans to rebuild this line once again.
Örsundsbro station 

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