Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nässjö, Mjölby, Motala

Today I'm travelling to Nässjö for further trip north to Hallsberg. The distance is 184km, and I have to take 3 different trains for this trip. 
First I'm in Nässjö which is an important railway junction station, and the only place with railways coming from 6 different directions. Here is an Y32 train for service Nässjö-Vetlanda.
The train I came with from Stockholm is continuing to Malmö.

I'm visiting Nässjö Railway museum. Here is a railway stop house from nearby Tjunnaryd, moved here in 2013.

SJ Rapid 3 from 1955

Snälltåget at Nässjö C
Snälltåget has recently changed its locomotives from Hector Rail to ELL.
Brand new Siemens Vectron locomotive

X11 and X14

As I mentioned I will have to take 3 different trains. First Krösatåget service Nässjö-Tranås, then Östgötapendeln line Tranås-Mjölby. From Mjölby I'm taking another Östgötapendel line to Motala, then Tåg i Bergslagen to Hallsberg (it is possible to take this train from Mjölby as well).
Here is a map of the region.
Krösatåg to Tranås

After rain comes the sun, and then rain again

Since the border between Jönköpings län and Östergötlands län (county) is here, it is the reason for changing trains.



Rc4P, where P is for Posttrain. Rc4P has maximum speed of 160km/h, while other Rc4 just 135km/h

X61 for Norrköping

My next train for Motala
Double X2 passing without stopping

I'm in Motala

This will be my next train after it has made a turnaround in Mjölby.

Göta Kanal in Motala

Göta Kanalbolag main office
New bridge for road 50
Lake Vättern


My next train
Last train for today is SJ Regional from Hallsberg to Stockholm
Rainy day in Hallsberg

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