Saturday, November 14, 2015

Upptåget part2

Today I'm exploring the second line of UL commuter train from Uppsala. First I have to take myself to Uppsala.
 Passing by newly opened Mall of Scandinavia
 Taking 1st class SJ car A7. This car is from the mid 80's but was modernised 2010, with new seats, power sockets and lighting. The car is very convenient, specially when it's almost empty.
 SJ Regional train arrives to Uppsala. The station was also modernised 2010
 Two tracks from the south terminates here, one for SJ Regional another one for Pendeltåg

 View towards the south
 Uppsala II electrical substation.
 Two other tracks from the north terminates on the other side and used for Upptåget.
 View towards the north, to the left the line to Sala, to the right to Gävle.

 Uppsala Ö station
 Arriving at Morgongåva station

 The oldest building in Morgongåva

 Heby station

 Upptåget arriving from Uppsala to Heby
 Sala station is the last stop for Upptåget

 Sala is an intersection station for travellers from Dalarna south
 UVEN train is arriving from Linköping. The name it taking from an earlier route Uppsala-Västerås-Eskilstuna-Norrköping. Today the line goes from Sala to Linköping.
 One of the older X12 train used in this line.
 The station in Sala has platforms on both sides, which makes it possible to an easy change for trains south to Stockholm/Uppsala and north to Falun/Mora.
 SJ Intercity train to Falun is arriving.
 X55 SJ Snabbtåg from Falun is also arriving.
 UVEN train takes me to Västerås.
From Västerås going back to Stockholm

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