Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gävle, Sandviken, Ockelbo

In this post I'll cover my trip to Gävle and 2 nearby stations. The region is operated by different trains and companies.

 Tågkompaniet (red), X-Trafik (yellow), Upptåget (purple), SJ Regional, Snabbtåg, Intercity (grey) and Night train services to the north.

 SJ Regional service is operated between Gävle and Linköping. Older SJ cars are used mixed with newer X40 double deck trains.
 The symbol of Gävle is its goat, can be viewed in different colours on the main street.

 From Gävle it is only 1h trip to Arlanda, so travelling e.g. to New York can be very convenient.

 Musician Angels is a sculpture composition created by Carl Milles.
 Boulognerskogen is a large park in Gävle, and it is named after Bois de Boulogne in Paris.

 Back to the train station.
 Sandviken is just 25km from Gävle.
 The town is home to a large engineering concern Sandvik.

 Ockelbo is a small town along the Norra Stambanan railway.

 The station is operated by the local commuter train X-Trafik.

 X50 train from X-Trafik is approaching Ockelbo station.
 4 different Regina trains in Gävle.

 The old Gävle Södra station which was until 1933 used as the terminus station in Gävle.
 Gamla Gefle, is the old town neighbourhood in Gävle.

At Gävle station it is possible to check in for the flight from Arlanda.

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