Saturday, March 7, 2015

Winter 2015 - Borås

Trip 5 of 6 this winter is going to Borås this time. First there is an X2 train to Herrljunga.
 Passing by Hallsberg, where an X40 is stopping by.
 In Hallsberg, an Y31 Itino could be seen.
 Taurus locomotive in Hallsberg.

 In Herrljunga it is time to change to X50 Västtåg to Borås.

 Lake Öresjö
 In Borås, there are many Västtåg trains, mixed X50 and X14 (on this picture).
 "House of Knowledge" sculpture by catalan artist Jaume Plensas
 Borås övre station (Borås upper) is now used an office.

 University of Borås

 Main train station in Borås.

 An X14 is arriving from Uddevalla.
 SJ Regional is arriving from Göteborg.
 This train will take me further to Alvesta.
 Passing by Limmared.
 Stora Mosse nationalpark.
 SJ Regional at Alvesta.
 X11 Krösatåg towards Nässjö.

 During winter time train company Snälltågen (operated by Veolia) is running a service from Malmö to the north ski resorts Åre and Vemdalen.
 The train has old SJ cars.
 And a newer Taurus locomotive.
The train is very long (for Sweden).

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