Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tåg i Bergslagen part 1

 "Tågkompaniet" is having weekend trains from Stockholm Central since about 1 year ago.
"Tågkompaniet" in Västerås
 "Pågatåg" train can be seen not only in Skåne, but as well in Bergslagen
 "Fagersta norra" station, train is leaving to Ludvika.
Fagersta driving school

 Old reparation workshop
 Travel agency
 Retro petrol station, not in service anymore. The last BP petrol station closed in Sweden 1994. Most of then became Statoil.
 This pump is about 50 years old
 "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" is a heavy used railway for cargo trains, transporting cargos between south and north of Sweden.
 Cargo trains are running day and night, some parts of the railway is used for passengers trains.
 Train bridge over Kolbäcksån, a 200 km long river running from Dalarna to Mälaren lake.
 Hydro power station run by E.ON.
 Fancy hotel in Fagersta
 Train station building
 "Here you get Lifetime", is a slogan for Fagersta.
 Passenger and cargo trains meets in Fagersta
 Station is co-financed by European Union
 Tågkompaniet X51 train is arriving.
 Inside a tågkompaniet train.
 Passing through beautiful nature in Bergslagen
 Passing Karbenning station without stopping
 Arriving at Avesta Krylbo.
 Train is continuing to Gävle.
 One of the most beautiful train station from 1902 built in national romantic style.
 Krylbo was a separate town from beginning, but with time two cities grew together (Avesta and Krylbo), from 1986 the name Avesta Krylbo started to be used for the station.
 Inside the station building.
 SJ symbol, a wheel with wings.
 Neighbourhoods around station.
 In Avesta Krylbo, "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" meets "Dalabanan"
 Pedestrian bridge over railway tracks
 The autumn is coming
 Dalälven running close, the 3rd longest river in Sweden.
 Train symbol on top of the railway building.

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