Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oskarshamn, Öland

(Please note this post was made 2017-03-29). Sorting my old photos, and now I've reached my summer trip of 2013. This was before I became a big fan of trains, but I will try to find my first train photos from that time. This trip was made by car through much part of south Sweden, including Gotland and Öland. 
 The ferry from the island of Gotland has two routes, one from Visby to Nynäshamn, the other one from Visby to Oskarshamn. On this day of my trip, I has already crossed the sea and landed in Oskarshamn.
 Oskarhamn has a beautiful railway station building from 1906, built by architech Georg A. Nilsson.
 Oskarshamn is the end station for the railway to/from Nässjö. The ferry terminal is located next to the railway station.
 The old ticket hall, now closed.
 Old thermometer at the station.

 Different train types through the years
Back in 2013 the railway was operated with Y31 from Krösatåget company.
Unfortunately the region decided to shut down this line from 1st of December 2014. So, this picture is now a historic one.
 The reason was a low passenger number and high expenses on running a diesel powered train.
 One of the major sights in Oskarshamn is Fredriksbergs herrgård
 During this day the trip went further on to Öland
 Here is the bridge to the island of Öland
 Visiting Borgholm Castle which is today only a ruin of the fortress that was first built in the second half of the 12th century. The castle was destroyed in a fire on 14 October 1806

 The inner courtyard hosts concerts, theatre performances, and other events. In the summer of 1989, Swedish pop group Roxette shot material for six music videos during a concert, including "Listen to Your Heart".

 The model of the castle before the fire.

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