Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Wehretal-Reichensachsen, Ludwigsau-Friedlos, Haunetal-Neukirchen, Obersinn

Day 5: From Göttingen to Würzburg
It was a grey and a bit cold day yesterday, but starting today it will be sunny and warm (actually hot later in the week)
Traveling on the North-South railway, right now on Göttingen-Bebra part
At Wehretal-Reichensachsen I'm spotting some trains in the fog
Class 152, Eurosprinter

Class 192, Smartron
192 043, CFL Cargo Deutschland GmbH

193 845, WLC - Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo GmbH

Feels like autumn already


Changing trains at Bebra
Bebra is a junction station with railways to Kassel, Leipzig, Fulda, and Göttingen

Ludwigsau-Friedlos, at Bebra-Fulda railway

193 814, SETG - Salzburger Eisenbahn TransportLogistik GmbH

The line is very busy when it comes to freight trains, I've already lost the number of trains I've seen today

On this part of the North-South railway, there are also ICE trains between Frankfurt and Leipzig/Berlin

The regional transportation is handled by Cantus Bahn, operating with Class 427 FLIRT

Regional Express train to Bebra

Class 187, Traxx AC3

145 093, WFL - Wedler Franz Logistik GmbH & Co. KG

187 511, Metrans

192 017, LION Rail GmbH


185 665, Kombiverkehr

One of the most colourful locomotives today

The station is old 

ÖBB and Frölich transport on the way to Verona

Another Class 152

Class 193

186 127

193 624, CFL Cargo Deutschland GmbH

193 274, TX Logistik

At Fulda, I'm changing trains once again
Usually, the Regional trains in Germany are quite empty (except the rush hour), but this summer is different due to 9EUR ticket. Almost all trains are super crowded
193 861, used for DB Regio
I'm still traveling at the North-South axis, but there are no direct trains between Fulda and Würzburg at the conventional railway, only the high speed, so I have to change trains at Schlüchtern
This is the train from Schlüchtern to Würzburg
Flieden–Gemünden railway has some stations along its way, I'll visit two of them today, here is Obersinn

159 229, EVB - Eisenbahnen and Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser GmbH

Class 185

185 610, RTB Cargo

Surprisingly, this railway has both freight and ICE trains today

193 848, EGP

There is a high speed railway just nearby
But now I understand why the ICE trains are using the conventional railway
Arriving at Rieneck station

To be continued

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