Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter 2015 - Ljusdal, Järvsö

On a last winter day, the trip went north to Ljusdal and Järvsö.
 Ljusdal station building from 1880.
 SJ Intercity train with older cars.
 Train is moving further to Duved.
 "Skenutflykt" is an artwork from 1994.

 The lake Kyrksjön is just next to the station.
 X-Tåget (X52) end station from Gävle is Ljusdal.
 Inside the X52.
 The river Ljusnan. Most part of the Norra stambanan railway between Gävle and Ånge is placed along this river.
 Järvsö i famous for its ski resort.
 X52 train at Järvsö station.

 Järvsö station building is now a tourist center.

 In Järvsö there is a zoo open all year.
 Many of the nordic animals are represented here.

X-Tåget has the end stop in Gävle.
X-Tåget and Upptåget.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter 2015 - Strängnäs

X40 train which is used for SJ Regional travels, is operated between Stockholm and Eskilstuna.
 One stop before Eskilstuna, is a small town called Strängnäs. The railway is called Svealandsbanan and was opened 1997.
 X40 and Strängnäs Cathedral.
 Strängnäs is nearby Mälaren lake. In February it is covered with ice.
 Strängnäs station was build with only one railway track. Now it is decided that there will be two tracks and a new station building.
 Next to the station is the Strängnästunnel, 2 km long..

Back to Stockholm, here at Flemingsberg station.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter 2015 - Halmstad

This trip went on to Halmstad, on the HNJ (Halmstad Nässjö Järnväg). Unfortunately the weather was not the best, but all trains went without delays, that's the most important.
 First arriving to Nässjö station with X2 from Stockholm.
 From Nässjö, taking diesel Y31 (Itino) train, since the railway to Halmstad from here is non-electrified.
 Another Itino (Y32) arriving from Halmstad.
 Inside Y31, operated by Krösatågen company.
 The train has non bookable seats, so it is just to take any available seat.
 Passing by many small stations.
 Passing also by some rarities, Ma 827 NetRail locomotive from 1953.

 Train meeting in Landeryd.

 Finally arriving to Halmstad. Each train has a name, this one is "Emil i Lönneberga".

 Öresundståg (X31) with graffiti.
 Y31 is waiting before going back.
 Halmstad castle.
 Grey February weather.
 Old station building in Halmstad (North station), which is now a kindergarten.

 The old railway bridge, now used for bikes and pedestrians.

 Skånetrafiken has decided to paint some Öresundståg in different shapes. This one is called "konsttåget" (the art train).
 2 X31 trains, one unpainted, the other one painted.

 Time to go back home, taking X55 to Göteborg, then X2 to Stockholm.
 Passing by Falköping station.
 At Göteborg main station, there is a train from Blå tåget company.
 Old, classic, and with style. The only train company in Sweden with real restaurant car.
And music. One day there will a post about the Blå tåget here.