Sunday, July 17, 2022

Rapallo, Lavagna, Monterosso, Levanto

Day 9 will be spent at the Ligurian coast
On the way to station at Sunday morning
Breakfast in the train


FS Class E.403 

InterCityNotte 796 Salerno-Turin

Exotic bird

FS Class E.414 locomotives used for Intercity

I'm in Paradise


Today is Sunday, so I am not counting to see many freight trains, but here is one
FS Class E.652
People living in these apartments have the best view over the railway


Trenord service all the way from Milano to the Ligurian coast


Cinque Terre is a very popular destination 

In fact, Monterosso is the only Cinque Terre station where Intercity trains are stopping


494 551, Locoitalia/DB Cargo

483 301, Captrain Italia

Yes, it's raining
After almost +40 all day, it is raining and it gets a bit better

The water from the rain is drying very quick

Yes, it is somewhere here
More freight trains at Rapallo
494 026

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