Friday, July 29, 2022

Twello, Dordrecht Zuid, Dinner Train

Day 20: the Netherlands
It might have been better with a real sleeper car, but just as in January, this Nightjet train is late when I wake up. I was supposed to be already in the Netherlands in the morning, but I can see the bridge in Cologne

Emmerich - the border station Germany/Netherlands
As I mentioned the sleeper car is different from other Nightjet services, there are no deluxe compartments, and there are no shower cabins on board.
"Akka van Kebnekaise" by Herman Lamers is referring to the bird in Niels Holgersson's fairy tale. It is available at Twello station

NS Class 1700

Rotterdam Rail Feeding, RRF 24, former DB Class 202

NS Class 1500 with Dinner train which I'm going to take later today

A special train running in the Netherlands offering dinner services

Dinner train in Rotterdam

Vossloh G2000 BB, HSL Logistik in Dordrecht

Dordrecht Zuid

DB 6429, MaK 6400

186 428, RTB Cargo

193 354

1560 772 at Rotterdam

Time to board the Dinner Train

It's not cheap, a table for two costs about 200EUR with 3-course dinner and drinks

There is a choice of meat or fish
The whole trip takes about 2,5 hours, in this case from Rotterdam to Bergen op Zoom and back

Back in Rotterdam

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