Saturday, September 17, 2016

Flemingsberg, Flen, Sala

Today I will take a so called UVEN line which stands for Uppsala-Västerås-Eskilstuna-Norrköping. The line has been modified through the years, since 2008 is it operating all the way to Linköping in the south while it has been cut off in the north until Sala instead of Uppsala. I will also show many photos of Grödingebanan - the first high speed railway in Sweden!
 I will be travelling only for some part, from Flen to Sala.
 Starting my trip in Flemingsberg which is a relatively new station, opened in 1987. Nearby Södertörn University opened in 1996 is celebrating 20 years.
 Entrance from Södertörn University and Huddinge Hospital side.

 The station opened in 1987 in order to prepare for the new Grödingebanan railway that opened 1995, so the station serves both local and regional trains.
 Originally it was named Stockholm Syd - Flemingsberg, but now only Flemingsberg.
 X60 "pendeltåg"
 "SJ Fjärrtåg" - for long distance trains. Today the station serves only few long distance trains, most trains are regional services to Eskilstuna, Hallsberg and Norrköping.
 X2 train passing without stopping. A provisional platform is built during construction of a new track for increased capacity.

 SJ Regional
 X40 is a train used for Stockholm-Eskilstuna line. However from December 2016 it will be older locomotive hauled train with coaches.

 X40 and X60 both manufactured by Alstom, also named Coradia Duplex and Coradia Nordic
 New track will be placed here

 Flemingsberg area is currently under construction too

 My train will be SJ Regional to Hallsberg

 From the last coach I can view the Grödingebanan railway.
 It is a 31km long railway from Järna to Flemingsberg and it was built to increase the capacity and cut the travel times. It was the first railway in Sweden built for operations of 250km/h
 Maximum speed is however only 200km/h
 The price for the railway was 2,7billions SEK, which was 25% less than expected.
 The railway has 16 tunnels (8km of 30km). The longest tunnel is 1,78km

 Passing over 2km long Igelstabridge, the longest railway bridge in Sweden
 The bridge is 48m tall
 Södertälje Syd station
 X2 passing by

 Järna station, only for local "pendeltåg" trains
 Snälltåget passing by

 Skillötsjön lake
 Gnesta station
SJ Regional service Stockholm-Hallsberg has 7 stops: Flemingsberg, Södertälje Syd, Gnesta, Flen, Katrineholm, Vingåker, Hallsberg. The line is called "Sörmlandspilen".
The train operates usually with locomotive hauled coach train, from 2018 they will be replaced by new Stadler Dosto Mälartåg, class ER1.
I have arrived to Flen
Flen station

Old railway hotel, today dentist hospital.
Flen is famous for its ice cream factory
UVEN line train X50 arriving from Eskilstuna.
4 X50 trains are operating this line together with 7 X12 trains. X12 will be gradually replaced by X50. According to some rumours, they will be displaced from Upptåget services, which are planning to buy new double deck trains.

X50 continues to Katrineholm

It's late September, but feels still like summer. Perhaps due to climate changes...
X2 passing by at full speed

Now it's time for my train
Kvicksund in the middle of Mälaren lake
Inside X50
I have arrived to Sala
Intercity trains to/from Dalarna are stopping here as well

My trip back with Intercity train