Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Rieneck, Himmelstadt, Thüngersheim, Würzburg

Part two of day 5: continuing from Rieneck southbound to Würzburg
Eurodual is becoming more and more common view on German railways
159 239, MEG - Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH

ICE2 train 
193 859, boxXpress

DB Intercity train

193 267, TX Logistik

A lonely Class 218

Class 185

193 824, RTB Cargo

Long time no see, last time I was at Himmelstad it was in January, and it was way colder and grey then
187 512, Akiem/Metrans

193 880, boxXpress

120 127, BLC (Bahnlogistik24)

193 229, RTB Cargo
RTB Cargo is together with Rurtalbahn belonging to RATH Group

Colourful cars taking the train

186 458, Captrain Deutschland GmbH

Must be one of the most typical Traxx livery in Europe together with DB

185 361

Parts of the infrastructure are a bit old here

192 009, TX Logistik AG

It may look like graphity, but it's not - it is part of the livery created by "Railfanatics"

Next stop Thüngersheim
It's very hot today, and it's hard to find a place with shadow at small stations
The high speed line Fulda-Würzberg opened in 1988, so it is time fore total renovation - thus the line is closed for 5 months between 11th of June and 10th of December 2022. This means that the travel time for the ICE train is increased from about 30 to 1h30min taking the conventional line instead. The problem is of course that the line is already shared with huge amount of freigh trains so the schedule is made to fit all trains.
185 569, DB Cargo - the black colour is from MRCE

193 811, Retrack Germany GmbH

Wine culture
152 158

139 287, a locomotive from 1963, purchased by Bayernbahn in 2011

212 055, MaK V100.20 
Joseph Hubert Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG
While ICE1, 2 and 4 are used on the line northbound to Hamburg, the ICE3 trains are operating the route to Cologne and Dortmund - now all of them are sharing this congested line
Traxx AC1


193 883, boxXpress

193 203, TX Logistik
"Hidden champion"

193 850, boxXpress

193 562
193 995, TX Logistik

187 112

185 539, Traxx AC1

ICET - used on the route to Vienna
This ICE1 have the 25 years of cooperation with SBB logo, sadly all ICE1 have been replaced with ICE4 on routes to Switzerland

Velaro D, DB Class 307

At Veitshöchheim I spot more train, but unfortunately there is too much shadow here (not for me, but for my photos)

At least somebody is enjoying the heat
Also, this station has several tracks, which makes things difficult for a photographer like me
152 136, TFG Transfracht which is since 2012 fully owned by DB Cargo. Back then there was a trade switch between HHLA and DB. HHLA got Metrans (which was partially owned by DB), and DB got TFG Transfracht (which was controlled by HHLA).

For a short while I'm back at Thüngersheim
I think that today I've made my personal record, 36 freight trains in this post + 33 in the previous, makes in total 69 trains photographed in one day. I'm not counting all the passenger trains and also some freight trains that were not published here.

193 727, RTB Cargo

The third Eurodual of today, this time it is 159 236, Schweerbau GmbH & Co. KG

Time for some animals in this post
Here is a family of Indian runner ducks
193 614, TX Logistik

185 567, MRCE/DB

At last, I'm in Würzburg which is a city in the region of Franconia but belongs to the state of Bavaria.

My hotel is located near the railway, but a bit to far to see or hear it
Fortress Marienberg
River Main

First it's time for a beer

The old bridge

Würzburg is also the capital of the German wine region Franconia which is famous for its mineral-rich dry white wines, especially from the Silvaner grape.
So, what could be the better than to try a glass of local wine on the old bridge at the end of the day

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