Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Chambéry, S. Antonino, Lugano

Day 18: From France to Switzerland through Italy
Chambery in the morning
Visiting Montmelian once again
SNCF Class BB 75000

SNCF Class BB 22200, version with 25kV and 1.5kV
SNCF Class BB 7200, version 1.5kV

Back at Chambery, something different than SNCF
Alstom Prima, 37502 and 37512, Europorte 

Class 37000 has support for 1.5kV, 15kV and 25kV thus covering both France and Germany

Frecciarossa train arriving from Italy

This train is supposed to support 7 different countries besides Italy: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. This particular train is supporting Italy and France. I guess when the new high-speed tunnel from Turin to Lyon is open, there will be possibilities to operate this train type from Milan to Brussels, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. 

TGV arriving from Annecy

TGV from Italy
Here at Chambery, both trains are coupled before continuing to Paris

I'm now on board the TGV to Italy

The railway through Alps is scenic

Now in Italy

Torino Porta Susa station
Freight trains are passing by here too

TGV is heading to Milano Garibaldi station, while I need to get to Milano Centrale, so I'm changing trains here at Torino Porta Susa to a Frecciarossa

Some snacks and drinks

Arriving at Milano Centrale

After another trains ride, I'm in Switzerland
It's hot today too
In Switzerland I'm visiting S. Antonino station
This railway is heading from Bellinzona to Locarno and to Luino

Freight trains can take the route to Italy through Luino
475 418 and 475 413

193 474

Time for some rain

Freight train heading to Italy taking the route through Chiasso

Lugano Paradiso
Here it is, 193 462

474 015

It's getting stormy over lake Lugano


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